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Jumbune 1.6 (stable) is now available for download.

Works with all major Hadoop Distributions: Apache, Cloudera, EMR, HDInsight, Hortonworks, MapR

MD5:a32d387325339f823fa33297dc3e034d Release Notes: 1.6 Release Date:Feb 7,2020 Source code

Previous YARN Releases

Version Hadoop Distribution Size MD5 Download
1.5.1 Apache , Cloudera 40.0 MB 81294bea3d403d450269021e456074fc .jar
1.5.0 Apache, Cloudera 40.7 MB 775938af56d4a6ff1253a89463e8d06f .jar
1.4.1 Apache 40.3 MB dc1bdb4bfa1198e516b98aede236bc5c .jar
1.4.0 Apache 40.3 MB c44b2ffc7bb7f14f79861f5fe51b09a9 .jar
1.3.0 Apache 40.7 MB c4ed29bd77a1a41d16e78787c89611ff .jar

Non-YARN Releases

Version Hadoop Distribution Size MD5 Download
1.5.1 Apache, MapR 34.6 MB 41c0d2ba88c13f1dec0d2a977188762d .jar
1.5.0 Apache, MapR 34.1 MB 494be97cca387539717753ff1c260992 .jar
1.4.1 Apache, MapR 34.1 MB c7cb0a6f68f756d72157779390ac2428 .jar
1.4.0 Apache, MapR 34.1 MB 540b8a2827f2ba7d5568c5d532cbbe52 .jar
1.3.0 Apache 34.5 MB 0b294040fa5eb0938e44b8d07d3d863e .jar
1.2.1 Apache 33.6 MB 49d125a0686b60eeb2ac700af1706b42 .jar
1.2.0 Apache 33.6 MB d4da7a83a4476b4af4f96345d7d7734e .jar
1.1.1 Apache 33.6 MB 0b8e5dba24a523ae89048d5882b8f483 .jar
1.1.0 Apache 33.6 MB d43bf0ed8d2303b6ebb88064efd1e441 .jar
1.0.0 Apache 33.6 MB a2d7a20d5d6fdf9623fb2dd16e35c215 .jar

Jumbune Community is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE


Documentation guides and other useful resources

Quick Start Guide

Demonstrates key product features and details the basics.

Installation Guide

Step-by-step deployment procedures, system, and environment requirements.

Release Notes

Details correlation between the releases and corresponding new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Architecture Guide

Details core layers and their interactions.

Deployment Planning Guide

Explains how to build a Dev, QA, Staging, and Production deployment both in-house and on Cloud.

Administration Guide

Assists in configuration and managing Jumbune.

Troubleshooting Guide

Lists common problems and their solutions.

Getting Involved Guide

Assists programmers to explore code and contribute in Jumbune.

Contributing to a project is rewarding in many ways

You can showcase your expertise, get a good learning experience, and have a platform to work in collaboration to contribute to the development community. No matter what your level of skill is, you can participate in project community.
Here are different ways you can help make Jumbune better.

Create/Review Documentation

Help us create well-written and updated documents. Also, if you find any scope for improvement in our documentation, mail us at

Help Users

Observe, contribute to the mailing list and experience how other users are using Jumbune. Subscribe to

Submit Patches/New Features

Look for new features and bugs in or participate in discussions at Pick an issue, create a new issue or feature request, and submit patch for issue or new feature. Jumbune uses github as source code repository. You can either fork the project or submit changes via pull request.

Report Issues

If you come across a potential issue while using Jumbune, have a suggestion for enhancement of existing functionality, or want to propose a new feature, report to .

Discuss Future Development & Directions

We would love to hear your suggestions on how we can collaborate and improve Jumbune. Drop your suggestions at

Join a user group

We welcome you to join and/or group. The general pattern of contributing is to join the group, observe the mail threads, and start contributing to the threads.

Write Articles/Presentations

Contribute presentations, articles, case studies, and whitepapers. Your contribution here will help users lessen their learning curve. Browse through the existing articles and presentations here.

Test Jumbune

Finding issues/bugs with a release is of critical importance and helps the project to ensure that next release version of the project does what you need from the project. Try releases, discuss your finding on, or report an issue on


Share your experience and feedback, provide your expert advice, report issues, observe threads, contribute in discussions, or propose any new features – we welcome them all.

In order to keep mailing list precise and searchable, please use mailing list as per respective primary purposes.

List Name Primary Purpose Subscribe Unsubscribe Quick Mail Nabble
Jumbune Users List General Questions, Feedback, Experience, Preliminary Issues Reporting,
Propose New Features
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Jumbune Dev List Development Related Internal Threads, Observing Development Subscribe Unsubscribe Quick Mail Nabble
Jumbune Issues List Issues Notifications from Jira Subscribe Unsubscribe Quick Mail Nabble


Features Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Job Debugger
Data Quality Report
Data Profiling
Data Quality Timeline
Data Cleansing
Cost based Optimization
Quick Tuning
Supported Data Formats Text TextXMLJSON
Support for Hadoop High Availability
Cluster Management
Supported Distributions ApacheClouderaHortonworksMapREMR ApacheClouderaHortonworksMapREMR
Hot Deployment
Cluster Analysis
Email Alerts
SNMP Traps Support
Real Time Queue Utilization Stats
Capture Queue over stepping
Relative Queue Utilization by Users
Workload utilization trends per Queue
Real Time Container Utilization Stats
Resource Usage Per Job
Job-wise resource consumption tracking
Application wise SLA tracking
Capature high resource usage
Data Load Distribution Details
Resource Utilization Metrics
HDFS Health Metrics
Cluster Health Metrics
Intuitive UI
Escalation Management
Chargeback Reporting
Hybrid Cluster Support
Prioritized Support
Online Documentation Access