Release Notes - Jumbune - Version 1.5.0 - HTML format


  • [JUM-1] - Jumbune's JVM profiling is not handling multiple jobs well.
  • [JUM-86] - Simplify & Refactor YamlConfig to JobConfig, remove YamlLoader
  • [JUM-87] - Empty responses in two way calls resets barrier, empty responses has to avoided and to be handled on caller side
  • [JUM-88] - Job validation is unnecessarily done for historical jobs
  • [JUM-89] - IdleResponseHandler is no longer required
  • [JUM-90] - For Yarn, Hist files given doesn't have reliable values for cpu and memory stats, revert from hist file to top file
  • [JUM-95] - Remove APIInvokeHints, provide a dynamic way by providing method names to calls
  • [JUM-96] - Add rumen processing logic for processing on MapR hadoop distribution
  • [JUM-97] - Data Validation needs to show all tuples and voilated tuples count, null violation
  • [JUM-99] - Removal of user supplied wizard based option for Yarn or Non Yarn execution


  • [JUM-60] - Upgradation of ASM 4.0 to ASM 5
  • [JUM-91] - Create a yarn communication layer which can be reused by various components
  • [JUM-92] - Provide an option to have declarative deployment through both command line options or configuration file
  • [JUM-98] - Deployment on Jumbune should support verbose mode to enable debug level logs

New Feature

  • [JUM-24] - Support for YARN based hadoop distributions
  • [JUM-93] - Add a feature to Data Suite for enabling Data Profiling
  • [JUM-94] - Add a feature to Data Suite for providing Data Quality Timelines


  • [JUM-84] - Unmatched Key and Values be persisted at some location


  • [JUM-37] - Integration with Yarn Job life cycle

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